Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time Flys...

Today I have spent most of the day taking and cropping and adjusting photographs of our jewellery to upload onto Graces Goodies.

Its unbelievable how much time it takes to upload 100 photos, chose the best ones, crop and sharpen the edges, re-name, re-size and file them in the right place.

So after spending several hours staring at the screen (in between all the mum stuff like making lunch, washing the clothes and generally being needed) I have managed to upload a whopping 2 new products into the store...I know, I'm slow but getting there inch by inch!

This is an absolutely gorgeous Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelet that I made recently, it can be found here. It took me a few hours to make and ended up looking nothing like the vision I had in my head when I began. Each bead is attached to the chain with a wrapped loop that I just love doing (although after about a hundred of them my thumbs start to hate me).

The other piece I loaded was this funky sea foam glass necklace. I just loved the colour of these beads when we got them last week and had to make something straight away. They remind me of the ocean, cool and clean. You can find this necklace here.

Cathie is working on a funky black and white combination, with some acrylic and glass beads that I can't wait to see and will load a pic when she is done.

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